Afternoons & Evenings

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Free Time for everyone! Afternoons are unscheduled to allow time for reading in the shade, playing volleyball, chess tournaments, rocketry, impromptu soccer matches, hiking, sports, napping, or getting creative at the Pilgrim Center arts and crafts room. This is your time to design and can include camp activities such as naturalist talks, playing field games with other campers, swimming, and boating or “me-time” resting, reading, attending a mindfulness session, dancing, biking, hiking, playing newcomb, gaga ball, nine square or whatever strikes your fancy (within certain limits, of course!).

Afternoons are the perfect time for families or individuals to utilize waterfront activities the Pilgrim Center provides, such as a swimming area on Green Lake or boating opportunities. Counselors are available to assist in activities and Baysiders can sign up for afternoon activities including sailing lessons and fun in a variety of vessels!

  • 12 kayaks
  • 2 large canoes
  • 4 opties
  • 12 sunfish
  • 1 catamaran
  • 2 lasers
  • 1 paddleboat
  • Other assorted large sail boat


Intergenerational Games and Vespers

After supper we gather to enjoy an hour of organized fun and games for all ages. Intergen camp favorites: Wednesday night campfire with s'mores and campfire songs, and the cherished, much anticipated, Friday night talent show!  (No guarantee of actual talent is expressed or implied…or expected!)

Vespers immediately follows Intergen and lasts about 45 minutes. After a story, Joys and Sorrows, and songs, we bid the children “good night” with yet another song.

Teen Activity and Games

While children under 11 are expected to be in their rooms or with a parent after 9pm, older youth usually stay up for euchre, chess, mahjongg, board games, and lots of late-night munchies.

Adult Evening Activity

It's something fun and different every night! We count on YOU to bring whatever you like to do or share. So far we have: raucous singing, euchre, board and card games; euchre; book sharing; euchre; mahjongg; euchre; quiet conversations; euchre; and drumming. It's up to you!

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