Lodging, Meals & Other Details


Most Baysiders will lodge in the Watson Retreat Center. The Watson Retreat Center has 20 rooms, 12 rooms on the upper floor and 8 rooms on the lower level, and is air-conditioned. It has three meeting rooms with Wi-Fi. The upper and lower rooms have men's and women's restrooms down the hall. The lower rooms also have a connecting half bath. Bayside assigns rooms according to family units and individuals who prefer to room together. Although the Watson Retreat Center sleeps a maximum of 58 people, we will likely lodge fewer than that in Watson given the constellation of campers across rooms. The Watson Retreat Center has two levels connected by staircases but it does not have an elevator. There is an accessible entrance on each level and an outdoor path that connects the two entrances.

Some Baysiders will lodge in a new building, which is currently under construction and should be completed by July 2020. The new building offers hotel-style rooms, private full bathrooms, and is more expensive than the Watson Retreat Center. Check out the prices here. Because we pay a flat rate for the Watson Retreat Center, we need to lodge a minimum number of campers in Watson before we can offer lodging in the new building. We will set up a waitlist for those wishing to lodge in the new building on a first-come, first-serve basis. Individuals with health or mobility considerations can book rooms in the new building when they register for Bayside. They do not need to join a waitlist.

When you register, please state in the registration comments section if you require an accessible bathroom and/or a room on the entrance level to avoid stairs.

Linens: Everyone will receive linens upon arrival, including a blanket, pillow, pillowcase, flat sheet, fitted sheet, two towels and a washcloth.


Lutherdale will accommodate special diets such as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan, but will need the numbers of people requesting these meals prior to camp. IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC DIET REQUEST please email baysideuu@gmail.com at least three weeks in advance; otherwise, Lutherdale may not be able to meet your dietary needs. Meals are served cafeteria-style in Lutherdale's Dining Hall.

Just think: no cooking, no cleaning, no shopping, no sirens, no homework, no yard work, no phones, no ironing, no traffic, no major damage to your bank account...just fun and relaxation!